2021: A Space Odyssey (Virtual Keynote)

How do you design for the future and operate in an environment with so many unknowns? How do you identify areas for growth and prosperity? How do you adapt assets to the new realty without degrading their core function? What does design for flexibility look like? How do you rebuild responsibly to create a lasting legacy?

A decade of innovation has been condensed into a matter of weeks as companies implemented new systems in response to Covid-19. The built environment has been shaken-up, with the places in which we work, live, shop, dine and play needing a complete rethink. While the new reality for realty now starting to take shape, there is an incredible opportunity to rebuild with technology, innovation, empathy and sustainable development principals to guide the way that spaces and workplaces are designed, transacted, operated and occupied.

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Nikki Greenberg is a futurist and thought leader in the real estate industry. As Founder of Real Estate of the Future, she directs real estate developers and owners on ways to capitalize on PropTech and disruptive innovations to gain an edge in an ever-changing environment. She is a frequent speaker at leading real estate and technology conferences around the world. 
In 2018 Nikki founded Women in PropTech, a global, virtual members organization to foster greater diversity in the industry, and is the current co-chair of the Urban Land Institute's New York Real Estate Technology and Innovation Council.

With a focus on innovation, Nikki brings big-picture strategic thinking to the full real estate lifecycle. She entered the property industry through her established career in architecture where she worked on multi-award winning transformative projects with Lendlease, Koichi Takada Architects, Payce, and others. She is an alumni of the UNSW in Sydney, Australia where she attained Masters of International Business with a focus on China; Masters of Architecture and Bachelors of Architecture with honors. 

Nikki is an Australian national that now resides in New York City.

To learn more visit www.realestateofthefuture.co