Special Events & Product Launch on Linkedin Live Business Show

Ready to connect directly with your audience?

Now you can launch your own special event, product, or even your latest PDF report on Linkedin Live.

It's no longer as easy as recording a video and uploading it and sharing it. That doesn't work anymore.

It's no longer as easy as creating a landing page with a lead gift for people to "Download my Special Report PDF".

2021 is going to be all about the digital experience that you deliver consistently.

We all clamor for the experience - we can now magnify this with a series of specific steps to engage your audience directly on Linkedin Live, as well as with a proper launch process.

Today, it is all about the ultimate digital experience that you are creating for your audience.

If you're launching a new PDF, a new study, new research, or a new tool for your audience, we'll create the experience around it to make it into an event, not just a "PDF" that will fall flat.

We'll activate your audience by creating a remarkable digital experience worth remembering to increase the downloads and awareness of your product launch/event.

Build your true digital experience for your audience, either as a special guest or as a show series on Linkedin Live as we launch your digital event.

Your competitors are moving to digital-first events to capture their audience and deliver remarkable value to them that surprises & delights.

Now it's time for you to do the same.

Pricing starts at $1500 and includes the planning and execution of a launch event, where you and/or your team are featured on the program, along with specific strategies and tactics to move people direct to your product/launch/PDF

This is digital, in action.

Audience size: Macro-influencer (100k +)
Industry / expertise:
Advertising / Marketing
Coaching / Wellbeing
Finance / Banking
Food & Beverage
General Management
Health / Fitness
Hospital / Medical
Human Resources
Innovation / Technology
Inspiration / Motivation
Leadership / c-suite
Oil / Energy
Public Speaking
Real Estate
Supply chain