WAVES OF LEADERSHIP - Earn respect, trust and gain support

Are you demanding or commanding? Are people willing to stop and listen to you when you speak? Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all other virtues possible. True leadership courage is about being antifragile and resilience.

There are a number of traits that are commonly found amongst people who are considered to have great leadership. You will note such leadership is inspiring and transformational.

Master the powerful art of executive presence or leadership presence. The missing link to success, self-leadership and leading others. Tap into your grit, resilience, brave heart.

Key Takeaways/ Practical Learning
- Discover the lies and myths about leadership presence
- Lead and influence with great zeal
- Tap into your inner and outer strength to get things done
- Importance of harmonious integration of ICE (intelligence, communication, emotional wisdom)
- Tap into your JIGRA (grit, resilience, braveheart, executive presence) and develop a fearless perception
- Being decisive especially in tough situations

It does not matter if they have been labelled an introvert or extrovert. Both labels have the ability to ooze great impact and leadership presence.

*This practical interactive talk can be delivered as a keynote, break-out session or a workshop.