Future-Proof your mobile content strategy

Today's marketplace has become overcrowded with thousands of content competing for our customer's attention. According to Facebook, our thumb scrolls thru 300 feet of mobile content every single day.

People are exposed to tons of content consistently that it becomes noise. How do you stand out from all of the clutter? Is your content becoming predictable, expected, and worse still, unengaging? If you create mobile content as a marketer, business owner, or just a social content influencer, have you thought about creating content that is different from everyone else?

These challenging times require creative solutions to survive and thrive. Creative Storytelling on your mobile screens is vital in increasing the market share of your brand on social media. Would you like your content to grab attention in secs in this time-deprived world?

Do you know how to create content designed for the vertical format as we hold our phones upright 94% of the time when viewing content? In the age of people-led Storytelling, shooting portraits fit the frames of our bodies. Vertical videos like TikTok and Instagram were made to capture personal moments ' sharing compelling stories which resonate with your customers watching them.

Discover creative principles that will increase your online presence, grow your brand's visibility so you can stay ahead of your competition.

1) Design "edge to edge display" video content, by optimizing the full frame of your mobile screen.

2) Create thumb-stopping creative stories that stand out from the saturated mobile content clutter.

3) Conceptualize creative executions that fit the vertical format, so you can deliver maximum engagement and impact for your brands.