I will speak at your event virtual/ onstage

Dave is an expert on creating a culture of innovation & making changes happen. A rock-star speaker and trainer!
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Dave’s super power is to “rock the house” on every live event, online and offline, this brings people alive and focused on his message. His high-energy style will make your audience laugh, think, clap and get participants talking about his session well after your event is over. This is even more important on a virtual event.


Virtual Event Producer & Showcaller.
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After 30+ years at the sharp end of global events as host and entertainment director for 20 years at Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens and many other premium events like FIFA’s Intercontinental Beach Soccer, World Beauty Championship, Rugby World Cup Sevens, Global CIO Summit, World Club 10’s (and many more). The effective use of digital stagecraft, online tools and smart solutions makes it possible to connect people like NEVER before. Want some amazing ideas on how you can truly revolutionize your online conference. Every element from social media production, training speakers, choosing the platform and delivering incredible value before, during AND after your event.

Virtual Event MC & Host.
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Dave’s 30+ years as a (Ex-BBC) radio and TV presenter and station manager positions him as the idea master of ceremonies and host for your virtual events. In addition to keynote speaking, Dave advises sponsors, makes crucial calls on schedule, content and marketing. He makes real-time big picture and emotionally intelligent decisions that guarantee your best possible outcomes drives results EVERY TIME. Dave’s social media savvy also means that your event can be as celebrated and influential as you want it to be. His experience brings you the best possible safety next for your hard work making sure sponsors are satisfied, contributors are rewarded and you get exactly the desired solution as designed.”

Virtual Keynote Speaker & Broadcaster.
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Two days after the global pandemic struck, Dave and his business partner Ernesto Verdugo launched a brand new web TV show (The Toilet Paper Diaries) for 50 consecutive days to help people living in lockdown worldwide cope with the pressures of quarantine. The show covered everything from mental health, to reinventing your business to effective remove leadership and cyber security. The 50th show had an incredible 25 guests including royalty, industry icons, thought leaders, celebrities, top authors, high achievers and radio/ tv personalities. All clamouring to be a part of the fun. Dave’s natural broadcastings style also makes him the perfect candidate for “Fireside Chats”, Webinars, Zoom Meetings, Online Summits and LIVE broadcasting. The new online format lends itself perfectly to an incredibly dynamic mix or pre-production, live energy and real-time results.

Podcast Guest, Co-host & Panellist.
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When your event needs some spice, gravitas, industry insights, wisdom and humour there are few special guests more crowd pleasing than Dave Crane. He amplifies the tone of your show or event and takes the results to a whole new level. An a BBC journalist, life coach, author, recording artist, corporate trainer, therapist, entertainer, radio personality, comedy stage hypnotist, mentor, conference host and broadcaster, Dave has a ton of experience at the sharp end of many industries to share with your audience and your recorded content. He talks in sound-bites covering a range of topics and puts a futurist spin on any subject with amazingly accurate predictions and insights from experience of working with some the the world’s best practitioners.