Virtual Guest Speaker - Topics: Resumes & ATS and or LinkedIn

Need a guest speaker for your webinar or maybe virtual training regarding how to leverage the Power of LinkedIn for jobseekers and Freelancers/Business Owners/Entrepreneurs.

I can teach your team or organization how to harness the power of the world's largest professional network with LinkedIn.

Or maybe its sharing my Resume Best Practices, with your virtual attendees, in getting past the ATS (Applicant - Tracking - System) or what I like to call the Evil Resume Bots

I'm a management professional turned business coach. Some also call me a LinkedIn Guru as I've grown my network to over 52,000+ professional connections.

Trusted and well-respected, I have built a large and highly-engaged global following of currently 52k+ followers by being super engaged and extremely active.

Examples of just a few of my highest viewed posts:

Gain confidence in my work by checking out my 280+ Client Recommendations on my LinkedIn profile

Please provide me with the following before booking:

Date and time of the virtual event (your time zone) to ensure no other future conflicts.

Then we will schedule a Zoom Call to discuss in more detail once a commitment has been agreed upon.