Instagram Interview for Your Business, Product or Thought Leaders

Instagram Interview for Your Business, Product or Thought Leadership Brand

I will record an engaging and powerful interview with you for 30 minutes on IG live. You can share your expertise, while promoting your business or product, show your product and/or how it works (if you select product, you will need to send me a copy). It will be a great way to engage a live audience while I make a personal recommendation and referral to your business product. A highlight will be posted to my Twitter audience of 498k people to add greater value to you.

To produce the best quality post, when booking, please add the following details (if you have them) to your message:
• Images, videos or links
• Bullet point description or preferred copy
• Preferred hashtags
• Preferred date for publishing.

Note: I will still use my expertise to modify your posting so we can optimize performance.

Audience size: Macro-influencer (100k +)