Thomas "Ai Nerd" Helfrich

Thomas "Ai Nerd" Helfrich

Why "Ai Nerd?"

Honestly, I saw for sale on for 8.99 and bought it.

True Story. However...

I grew up in St. Louis, MO. Great town. Kind people. St. Louis Cardinals Baseball and St. Louis Blues Hockey are the lifeblood.

I was an avid Racquetball Player in my youth which allowed me to travel the US for tournaments and make friends all over the country.

Upon graduating (If you are from STL you now ask: "Which high school did you attend?"), I attended Indiana University Kelley School of Business graduating in development and business technology.

Yes - I am A HOOSIER.

This is right towards the end of the Dot Com Boom.

I remember myself as a better developer than I probably was, however, this is the seed to my technology career path.

Once the Dot Com Boom was over, I went from being an Entrepreneur (or maybe looking back and Enter-Manure) to corporate and consulting.

These 10 years or so of experience showed me a lot about how companies and people make decisions, think, buy tech, implement, and support it.

It also opened up my eyes to how to spot opportunities.

Enter RPA -Robotic Process Automation. This technology, once observed, fundamentally changed my trajectory.

It showed me the power of tech and how it can transform business especially when AI is involved.

Fast forward to today - I am now an "Ai Nerd" at heart.

I love tech and know exactly how to successfully apply it in your business.

One of my gifts in life is to explain technology in an "Un-Nerdy" way.

In fact, I have been successfully doing just that for 20+ years.

My expertise has formed around Intelligent Automation Systems that leverage AI.

This has led me to discover out how to create Ai-Powered content that generates revenue.

As an AI-Content Creation, Intelligent Automation, and LinkedIn Expert, I know how to transform your personal and business profiles into revenue-generating machines.

Want to learn how?

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Thomas "Ai Nerd" Helfrich