Rohit Bassi

Rohit Bassi

No matter what the situation your ability to speak and listen with focus enriches relationships. This is the art and science of conscious communication. It gives you the opportunity to move towards greater success in business and in your personal life.

Rohit gives his clients unique practical insights on how to be powerful with their communication. He demonstrates how conscious communication gives them the opportunity to be more persuasive, with greater ease eliminate conflicts or misunderstandings and listening without any preconceived ideas about what should or shouldn’t be said or done.

When you are eager for an event with the x-factor, powerful memorable message and thought-provoking engagement then Rohit is here to serve and support you. He connects to your emotions and logic thus empowering you to take action. His engaging thought-provoking sessions are full of actionable takeaways and are a gold mine to develop confidence, eloquence and impact.

British Nationality, born and brought up in London, UK. Rohit is a world-leading educator and motivator who helps his clients to ace their communication with the outcome of greater success.

“Passionate, charming and most of all he speaks from the heart. He can move crowds, so that the crowds can move mountains.”
Marcelly Suhali, VP of Sales, Walton International – Singapore

“He is awesome! An absolute star in his field and one of the very few legit individuals in the self-development industry.”
Talal Ghandour, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch – UAE

“A skilled presenter. He was able to identify with his audience well and communicate with them in their own language.”
Tim Forster, Head of UK Recruitment, PwC – UK

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Rohit Bassi