Robyn Shulman

Robyn Shulman

I'm a teacher who took the road less traveled. I love managing communities, creating partnerships, editing, and helping others find their voice. I am also the liaison who helps you craft words into meaningful narratives that people remember.

I built my own education website, grew a substantial online community, learned SEO, and became an influential voice in my space (that part was by accident).

Content marketing creates educational, memorable, & relevant pieces of content to attract, acquire, & engage the right audience. Community management brings people together to learn, share, & grow.

My career began in a 4th-grade classroom. I'm a certified K-9 & ESL educator who transitioned into higher education and startups. My role at NLU opened new doors & skills including communication, creating partnerships, editing, growing community engagement & career advising.

I'm honored to note that LinkedIn named me the #1 Top Voice in Education in 2018. In 2016, LinkedIn named me as "Someone to Follow" with Influencers.

My education site, EdNews Daily, syndicates with various publications & partnerships. I currently reach over 500,000 people through my site, publishing partners, and social media outlets.

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Robyn Shulman