Patrick Kamau

Patrick Kamau

Pharmaceutical Consultant | LinkedIn Profile Writer | CV Writer | Start Up Advisor.

A skilled Sales Professional with diverse experience in various fields: Pharmaceutical, Technology, Education, Retail. Extensive experience in new product launches and new business development. An excellent communicator both oral and written.

I have made great achievements via this awesome platform, LinkedIn, both at corporate and personal level. It’s on these milestones that I help individuals and companies to maximize on my great following on LinkedIn.

Get in touch with me for the launch of your products or services. I have listed 14 different service offerings on InlfuencerActive site.

Our collaboration will be a value addition to your company.

17 open listings

16 followed people

5 received reviews (100% positive, 5/5)

That was so easy and the results = #amazing

I will be reaching out again soon.

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not too good not too bad.

Excellent and great working with Patrick

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Patrick Kamau