Nusrat Zahan 230k

Nusrat Zahan 230k

At present personal branding, networking and Digital marketing are the key tools for every business entity. To remain competitive and grow the business it is crucial to pay attention to those tools. Expansion of business and growth of revenue, understanding business requirements, strategy, networking, and making decisions wisely is essential.

I am a content writer and influencer. I am working locally and internationally. I am an opportunist and look for the best way to use my talent that will give me the road map to grab the opportunity to exploit my skills. I am a negotiator, effective communicator, entrepreneurial mindset, and positive approach in every aspect of developing business growth. I believe in networking which provides maximum value to my followers and connections. I will post your content. I will feature your posts on LinkedIn to my 230k plus followers that will get higher traffic and engagement.

My skills are negotiating, communication, analysis, networking, and Content creator.

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Nurat did an excellent work, with very significant response from her network..

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Nusrat Zahan 230k