I am an expert in social media marketing and Health & Wellness. I keep a close eye on trends and directions.

My network includes leaders in the Marketing , Business and Health industries.

When you book me, I will:
- Interpret your request and create a catchy post to capture the attention of my network.
-Manage your presence on LinkedIn.
- Add useful hashtags.
- Tag people in my network who would benefit from your offering.

I have a huge network with a fan following of more than 158K followers on LinkedIn. Companies which collaborate with me will be benefitted by my getting the benefits of my business networks.

I love speaking at events virtually.

Currently ,I am enjoying many roles including empowering people and equipping them with Empowerment tools so they can lead a happy and successful life. I also coach my coachees on finding their mission,vision,purpose ~Their Ikigai.

I help companies and professionals love getting visibility on LinkedIn when they book me for sharing their content and commenting on their posts etc. I post profiles, products and services on my profile timeline which reaches my huge following of 158K followers.

I have many testimonials of clients. DM me for more details.

I am honoured to be ~
✅Top 50 most Impactful people of LinkedIn &
✅Top Voice of LinkedIn.

Here are some posts for you to check the amount of visibility and engagement I get on LinkedIn




Drop me a message, Let's win together. Let's work together to build your brand, service and business awareness. I look forward to help you gain engagement and interest in your product or service.

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She is very responsive and very knowledgeable. She's also helped me gain many followers.

Excellent visibility, lots of comments and conversation on the post. Very professional. thanks !!

Had an amazing experience with fantastic results with the content promotion that you did. Loved the results and ease of the entire project. Thanks