Mary Angela Moore

Mary Angela Moore

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Mary Angela Moore

MARY ANGELA MOORE exudes a classic elegance both appearance, manners, and speech. She charms her audiences with her fresh ideas, wise words,and cheerful yet sincere approach to life and career which is an inspiration not only to women but to everyone in all ages who hope to make a difference for themselves, communities, and the world.

Her life’s journey to success is admirable for its creativity and innovativeness. Her path has not been easy or simple. Yet, the difficulties and disappointments along the way have taught her how to navigate the challenges to her advantage.

And now, she is teaching us.

Mary’s Tips on entrepreneurship, business, and life are invaluable. Her lectures and books provide new entrepreneurs with the rudiments of entrepreneurship and business with lessons on planning, funding, finances, employing, outsourcing, and facilitating contracts/agreements. As a business coach with much valuable experience, Mary offers sound, simple, and practical strategies for Do-It-Yourself marketing and PR campaigns. As a leadership trainer she leads by example. Her style is unique as she eclectically uses the best of her learning experiences both academic and experience wise. Her seminars are surely life changing. See more of testimonials about her trainings around the world here:

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Dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs, women in business, and executives on leadership Mary discusses the minute details that are commonly overlooked, but necessary for one’s personal and business success. As a Life Coach, Mary tackles issues that many of us prefer to ignore, particularly our health, both physical and emotional.

As a woman leader in a male dominated business world, Mary is happy to share and empower women in business. The article below was lifted from her book, Wealthopia Generation, a sequel of From Passion to Profit which she is launching in May. She hopes that her article below as well as her new book help women as well as young entrepreneurs all over the world to find their niche in the corporate world.

For more tips about women, entrepreneurship, and leadership, you may read Mary Angela’s book, The Wealthopia Generation that will be released by May 2021. For webinars, travel lectures, and coaching. You can reach Mary here:

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Mary Angela Moore