LinkedIn Master Class: Executive Workshop to Optimize LinkedIn

Workshop description:

This workshop will develop the LinkedIn profile of each group member (up to 10x) and increase their overall LinkedIn knowledge with the goal of growing their personal brand and their business, while creating lifelong opportunities and relationships!

Each workshop member will have their LinkedIn evaluated in advance and be involved in creating actionable change to their profile during the meeting. This interactive workshop will have an immediate positive impact with:

-More engaging headline
-More storytelling and call to action in the about section
-Understanding of how to craft engaging content
-Tips to help increase followers and business opportunities

During the meeting we will rewrite our headlines, review as a group, and then tweak again as needed to ensure they are driving engagement and leaving people to want to learn more about each member.

Then we will work on our “About” section to tell a better story and get the reader to take the desired call to action. We will review as a group and work to improve each other through feedback.

After a short break, we will return and learn about different types of posts, how to make a post impactful, and then everyone will write their own post.

We will conclude with tips and how to continue learning about LinkedIn.

Participant value:

Spending effort on LinkedIn now can have a measurable impact on business and connections.

Having the Linkedin tools and knowledge to ensure the effort is best directed can 10x your impact, growth, and relationships forever!

The value will be immediate as the headline, about section, and post created during the meating will have an impact from day 1 that can continue to drive new eyeballs, clicks, and business opportunities.

Future value will continue to grow with new relationships, opportunities, and sales for years to come!