REFLECTION LEADS TO PERFECTION - Connect, collaborate and uplift

Take ownership, take 100% responsibility of your inner and outer communication without playing the blame game. Doing so creates trust, authenticity and dependability. Regardless of the situation, the most successful people have this great ability to effectively communicate.

Many of us admire people who are courageous and calm in their communication. Such assertive communication with others is not always easy. Courageous communication becomes crucial for you to pass through tough scenarios.

Being assertive with your communication is at the heart of strong relationships with your clients and others you deal with. It means being influential and impactful with your voice, words and body language and you inner-self.

Key Takeaways/ Practical Learning
- Creating influential relationships
- The enigma of assertive, aggressive, passive communication
- Strength and warmth of body language, words and voice
- Moving towards active compassionate listening
-Staying calm in the midst of a storm
- Vulnerability is a sign of great courage

No matter what you do, communication is critical. Barriers and failures in communication lead to catastrophic results. Take the opportunity to be an ace in your communication.

*This practical interactive talk can be delivered as a keynote, break-out session or a workshop