Social Media Content Creation ($619.00 per month)

LinkedIn Media Manager Branding Campaign: $619.00 per month

Are you new to LinkedIn?

Do you have a new product and or service and you are trying to build up your personal brand on LinkedIn?

You want to attract more eyes to your company or organizations LinkedIn Business page?

There’s nothing worse than launching your new freelancing gig or maybe it’s your new start-up or maybe you are getting ready to launch that eBook and you have your eyes on the prize but you still only have 180 followers on LinkedIn and your posts get 5 views and 4 of them are from your friends and family.

You want the opportunity to prove to the world your idea will take off; but no time to invest in learning.

What do we do?

1️⃣Post daily relevant content on your behalf and all approved by you in advance on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

2️⃣ Create 2 blog posts (400 words each) per month. Share these on your website or as LinkedIn Articles.

3️⃣ Create monthly Social Media Videos

What do we create for you?

Product Features - Industry Insights - Trivia - Customer Reviews - Quotes - Industry Statistics - Industry News - Your Blogposts and more.

Suggest improvements to your LinkedIn profile making improvements to your Headline – About Section and even create a Business Page if necessary.

Connect with industry leaders gaining eyes on your product/business/services.

Generate leads for future business/networking/referrals/product awareness.

I’ve learned all the LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts: “Been there, Done that.”

Being consistent on Social Media is key. Let us help you reach and build your audience.

I grew my following to 73k+ on LinkedIn and grew a business from infancy to now seen as a true LinkedIn Content Creator, reaching “Influencer” status.

We will kick it off with a 60 min video call to determine your goals and objectives for your campaign and or strategy.

I've helped thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs advance their careers and businesses, unlocking new levels of success.

Gain brand identity by having your own LinkedIn guru work for you.

Let's talk about how I can help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

David Alto

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Audience size: Micro-influencer (10k +)
Industry / expertise:
Advertising / Marketing
Coaching / Wellbeing
Finance / Banking
Food & Beverage
General Management
Health / Fitness
Hospital / Medical
Human Resources
Innovation / Technology
Inspiration / Motivation
Leadership / c-suite
Oil / Energy
Public Speaking
Real Estate
Supply chain