Kedma Ough

Kedma Ough

If you’re here we are meant to connect I understand how it feels to work your entire life towards a dream and then something gets in the way. Something so difficult that you don't know how you will move forward. You can MOVE forward!

18 years ago I found myself in a predicament. My dream was being shattered right in front of me. I had to leave a relationship. The penalty for leaving was to file bankruptcy. It was devastating. My credit score went to 450. It took 15 years to reverse engineer how to find grants, free resources and hidden money (money no one tells you about that is available)

In 2019 Mcgraw-Hill published my best selling book Target Funding.
I have work with more than 10,000 entrepreneurs. On average I have held business leverage

$ 10,000 in funding generating more than $ 100 million in access for my clients.

Today I spend my life helping inventors and business owners level up their dream with business #money they didn't know was available.

I consult business owners and inventors to find grants and #funding resources for their business and/or idea. Check out my 100 testimonials on LinkedIn. In addition, I help to promote their products.

I am also an accredited investor and work with inventors to help bring their concepts to market. In addition, I work with thousands of businesses to help find financing.

Can’t wait to connect. Kedma

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Kedma Ough