Donnie SC Lygonis

Donnie SC Lygonis

I post daily on LinkedIn about on innovation, entrepreneurship, startups and new technology, follow me on @donniesclygonis.

And every Wednesday at 2.30 pm I go live on LinkedIn with my Innovation Fika, meeting a new interesting person, topic, startup or similar. I love live engagement and interaction so plan your Wednesday fika breaks to be innovation breaks! Oh, and fika means coffee break in Swedish, in case you wondered :-)

All my posts and videos are saved to my Patreon page where patrons also get the opportunity to join live chats with me and my guests, to go to follow me there.

My background is that I have been working with ideas and innovation since the mid 90’s, either starting my own projects or helping others start theirs. I spend my days as an Innovation Strategist and Business Coach at the innovation office at KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where I have been a part of creating and running one of the best innovation offices in the world.

That’s where I get to help students and researchers realize their ideas, which means that I’m in the epicenter of new tech development, everything from robotics and AI to food and digital health.

2015-16 I spent in Silicon Valley on a Wallenberg Fellowship, helping start the Swedish part of the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto.

I’m also an avid TEDxster, I joined the group that brought TEDx to Sweden and have arranged 11 events as the licensee for TEDxKTH and have had the honor to speak at 5 TEDx events all over Europe.

My professional speaker career started back in 2003 and since then it has taken me all over the world, from Colombia and Brazil to China and Japan. And it has also got me on TV, I’ve been part of three separate TV shows on innovation; Idéfabriken on Swedish SVT, The Inventors on Swedish TV4 and Meallions on Russian tv.

For more about me and my job at KTH, see

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Book me for talks or panel discussion on innovation, creativity, sustainability, tech trends, leadership or motivation.

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