Dino Pacella - 170k+ LinkedIn

Dino Pacella - 170k+ LinkedIn

Dino Pacella is an active LinkedIn influencer with a network of over 170,000 people, where his brand spans across multiple industries including finance, real estate, leadership, personal branding, motivational, coaching and much more.

His community comprises of people globally but with a strong Australian flavour.

His posts reach people at a global level and attracts tens of thousands of views daily.

With this high daily array of engagement on each and every post, you're sure to receive a great return on your investment.

Check out Dino's LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dinopacellaofficial/

Below are a few of Dino’s posts to help you get a sense of the engagement he receives:

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Everything Went Smoothly. Good Engagement and good result. Thanks a lot Dino

Prakash K about listing 5 Post Bundle Pack - 20% DISCOUNT 6 months ago.

Thanks Dino pacella, I appreciate your time, and efforts. You are great to work with.

Easy communications and Dino followed all instructions flawlessly.

Dino Pacella - 170k+ LinkedIn