Brian Burke

Brian Burke

Brian is Chief Mac Man of (SYM), the world’s most trusted and highest rated Apple trade-in company. SYM has paid out $42M+ and has helped over 100,000 customers.

Brian loves helping individuals and organizations stay up to date on their Apple products. As a lifelong learner, Brian has become a Sommelier, an Apple Certified Mac Technician, a Notary Public, an Ordained Minister, and a Certified Scuba Diver.

Now, Brian wants to help you market your products and services on LinkedIn, so you can reap the benefits for years to come. Brian has 25,000+ followers on LinkedIn, made a $1M+ sale from a LinkedIn post, and more!

LinkedIn is the right platform to grow your personal and company brand by activating my engaged following, while creating selling opportunities and relationships that will last a lifetime!

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Great response time; great interaction and great engagement!

Marcus H about listing LIKE to boost your algorithm 5 days ago.

Amazingly well and plan on doing many more with Brian!

Thanks for your help!

Kyle M about listing I will post your content 18 days ago.
Brian Burke