Amin El Saghir

Amin El Saghir

Amin El Saghir is a Social entrepreneur, business consultant, executive coach and mentor with extensive experience in leadership, Strategic Planning, Business Development and pitching entrepreneurial business start-ups.

As a strategic planner, his resilient involvement was by helping corporations in designing a path to growth and achieve sustainable profitability amidst competition and constant change through applying the “Strategic Intent” Concept conceived by him.

He has an extensive experience in tracking different industries and competitive trends, he developed forecasting models and scenarios’ analysis by examining strategic performance, spotting emerging market opportunities, identifying business threats and looking for novel strategic solutions to developing creative business and action plans along with budgeting & feasibility studies.

His years of experience were dedicated mostly to Consultancy and organizational restructuring, Coaching and Mentorship, technical and financial program planning, competitive analysis, markets researches to determine competitive "niche", new product and business line development in the Middle East and Gulf Market focusing on innovative technologies and introducing it to the market.

He was the first to introduce to the GCC Market the EMV Banking Migration System, Non-Line-Off-Sight (NLO) and Biometric Technologies, Digital Educational Programs, Sustainable CLT Technology.

He granted an award for the best emerging project in the Middle East from The Saudi Ministry of Pilgrims and supervised the Central Area Traffic Management System Project (ATC) with the Ministry of Interior in KSA.

After continuous visits to Cyprus for the last ten years, he visited Cyprus for one year to complete his Holistic Breath Work and coaching training program, after which he joined Amman Mining Company to develop their mining business globally.

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Amin El Saghir