Amber Cheema

Amber Cheema

" Build relationships opportunities come to you"-Amber Cheema
In today's digital world networking is key to the success of your business. Infect Networking is itself a kind of business, If you want tremendous business growth that ultimately increases your Revenue incredibly, pay attention to 3 basic key elements of your Business Networking, Branding, & Digital marketing. To Build strong marketing strategies wisely for your business expansion first understand your business requirements, market & niche, and then take Initative tactfully.

About me
Thanks for visiting my profile. I am working on multiple roles with tech background and strong Business Management & Marketing expertise. I exploit opportunities with my talent for inspiring people, strong communication skills, entrepreneurial mindset, tremendous thinking approach in a quite efficient way to improve business outcomes.

Highly experienced in Networking, Digital Marketing & Branding, Business Expansion & Development, Advisory & Consultancy.

My Recent Projects

Digital Marketing Head at Assero Group :
As a digital marketing head at Assero Group, my responsibilities are Brand Awareness, Brand Promotion, Strategic Partnership, Getting Advisors on Board, Public Relations.

Business Consultancy:
I am working with Dr. Usman Zafar as an associate consultant with companies (in the area of Blockchain, AI, IoT, 5G, Fintech, Software and Development, Entertainment, Healthcare, Infrastructure Development ) that want to expand their market reach in the MENA region.

Digital Marketing & Brand Promotion
I am a digital marketing expert. I can help you with social media, brand promotion, and awareness, implementing the right marketing strategy, creating creative content, strategic partnership, getting Global Advisors, and reseller companies on Board.

Contact me for
If your company is seeking contracts / Clients within MENA Region please DM.

If you looking forward to hiring someone who can manage your social media, help you to promote the brand, getting new potential leads, help you to get new advisors onboard, and strategic partnerships just contact me on Linkedin.

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The results of Amber's campaign for me are simply amazing and look forward to future projects.

David Alto

It's always a pleasure to work with Amber

Excellent and great working with Amber. Thank you for the excellent value.

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Amber Cheema