Anthony J James - 2M+

Anthony J James - 2M+

I’m a lifelong optimist who believes that no mountain is too high to climb, every obstacle has a solution attached to it and even the most far-reaching dreams can be realised with imagination, creativity and resilience. My passion is to help the people I come in contact with turn a great idea into a breakthrough experience that can be seen, touched and felt globally.

I see that obstacles are just opportunities in disguise. Always looking over the next horizon, I am constantly seeking a chance to be a part of that one innovation that can change the way people experience the world.

For nearly 30 years, on four continents, I have helped organisations of all types and sizes learn the art of leadership, influence and technology disruption. My clients learn how to utilise entrepreneurial vision, creative thinking and innovation strategies to become experts in digital, sales, marketing, and brand loyalty. From new startups to big brands, I have helped teams get smarter while the business grows.

Before joining the global consulting ranks with IBM, CSC, Creata and Fujitsu, I was a graphic artist, animator and creative director- all skills that have served me well as I developed my consulting skills. At Trinity Consulting Services, I have been an expert in the commercialisation of new ideas and the global growth of existing businesses in APAC, Europe/EMEA and Australia.

I am one of LinkedIn’s most awarded influencers, recognised as having the 2018 LinkedIn Power Profile - #1 in Marketing & Advertising and 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice (Australia) and Most Influential Agency Voice in Asia Pacific in 2016.

If you want to talk about business growth, strategic direction, creative thinking and operational leadership, I’d love to talk!

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Anthony is excellent to work with!

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Brilliant work

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It was an honor working with him

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Anthony J James - 2M+